That Bridget Jones moment

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had that Bridget Jones moment, you know the one I’m on about. the one where you are soaking wet from the rain and you run to his house or his office at work and knock on the door and he answers and you tell him “i love you i always have always will” then you look up and see that he is looking into your eyes and and then he tell you he loves you back and then you kiss.

why does it always happen in movie like Bridget Jones and Angus thongs and perfect snogging? why doesn’t it happen in real life. I will tell you why because these are books/stories that people have written to make there own lives better. I know that this might sound conversational or to give the story an arch to the end.  but think about about it how may times have you as a real life person knocked on someones door and tolled them that you love them. Your answer NEVER.

In Love ❤️ or just a crush💔

15 August 2020

Have you ever had a crush? your answer maybe yes or it maybe a no. Well this is mine. Am I in love or is it a big crush that i have had since i was 18. When you have a crush or are “in love”. this can be a strange time and a strange thing for your brain to handle especially when you are think about them 24/7. I think i have embarrassed myself a bunch of times infront of him. I was once listening to music and dancing in the driveway and he saw me.

Why in life do we want something that we cant have? the guy in talking about has nice eyes,curly hair, hes smart ,funny , kind. He also doesn’t know that i like him, I had therapy session with one of my friends and he gave the confidence to go and tell him but before I could I found out about his girlfriend. That did hurt me a bit but hay there is nothing I can do about it.

“Maybe there just mates” – “Don’t be plonker El mates don’t hold hands” quote from Ellen and Rosie from Angus Thongs and perfect snogging